My Take on Our Current Administration

I think when Obama stated that his administration is the “most
transparent” administration, he simply had nothing else to say.
The words coming out of his mouth may be gospel some Americans,
but the evidence suggests quite the opposite. Maybe it was
opposite day every time he spoke those words. Who knows. It is
simply a false statement.

— For the months leading toward the March 1st “sequester”, Obama
and his administration claimed no responsibility for the
impending cuts whatsoever. Well, anyone can do basic research and
find out that he and his administration actually (and factually)
authored the cuts. Since this truth was a bit inconvenient for
him politically, he did several things to distract the American
people from the real issues. Basically, he hyped up the “dangers”
of the cuts:
— First, he claimed the military could no longer afford
to train its troops (thus, leaving America vulnerable with a
poorly trained and equipped military). Yet, at the same time he
was using this scare tactic, our government was sending top notch
military hardware to Egypt ( we’re not talking rifles and
grenades here, we are talking about F-16 jets and M-1A Tanks).
— Next, he claimed that teachers would be losing their
jobs by the thousands. The only teachers even remotely affected
are those contracted to work at schools on military bases, and
they would only have been cut one day a week. And, for those
actually counting, the numbers were nowhere near “thousands”, it
was more like several hundred.
— He also spoke about the TSA being cut, and wait times
at airports would be double or even tripled. Well, once again,
the reality is that if the TSA had to furlough anyone it would
have only been for a single day and not the extended period of
timed hyped up. Also, consider that the TSA paid out $50 million
for new uniforms just days before the “sequester”. So, if
financial planning were actually considered, and if the one day
of unpaid leave was too scary for TSA workers to handle,
shouldn’t the $50 million have been better spent paying the
workers so they wouldn’t have to have a day off?

Another big tarnsparency issue has been the ongoing Benghazi
scandal. And, yes it is a scandal. Four Americans died, and an
untold, or unknown (transparency at work again) number of
Americans were injured. Since the terror attack on our Embassy in
Benghazi came before the election, and Obama was preaching about
how he had Al-Quaida on the run – scattered and devastated – it
was more politically convenient to ignore the issue, and create
obstacles and falsehoods to prevent the American people from
knowing the truth. Let’s recap, shall we:
— First, the consulate requested better security
serveral months prior to the attacks and the requests were denied
and ignored largely. No one to this day has taken responsibility,
nor has anyone been able to explain who received the requests.
Basically, the ball keeps getting passed around with absolutely
no one maintaining accountability. Well, even if “no one” knows
who made that bad decision, the Secretary of State (at the time
Hillary Clinton) should have been held accountable since it was
her department and her overall responsibility.
—- One thing to note here is the lack of
urgency on the part of the White House and the State Department
to investigate and find the answers. As a matter of fact, the
opposite is actually true. First, Clinton delayed her testimony
before congress because she had a schedule to keep, and she
didn’t think the loss of American lives was important enough to
interrupt her travels. In addition, mysteriously, just a few days
before her return to the states, and just a few days before her
first scheduled appearance, Obama flew all the way to Thailand to
meet with her nehind closed doors. Magically when she returned,
and was supposed to testify, she “injured” herself and bought
herself another month before having to testify. Now, if she
really got hurt, the I stand ashamed for the accusation; however,
in my mind, the meeting in Thailand, the delayed and delayed
again testimony, and the White House’s failure to take
responsibility on the issue, all seem to conicide. I firmly
believe that once again, the administration and their definition
of “transparency” is whatever is politically convenient – even if
American lives are lost as a result.

Speaking about transparency once more. How many people noticed
this: Obama claimed to “skeet shoot” as Camp David “all the
time”; the news media scoffed at this claim since no pictures
proving it have ever surfaced since he took office; amazingly
enough, within a few days a photo of him shooting did surface,
proving he had at least done it once. Obama was so dead set to
prove he wasn’t lying, that he made a photo available
immediately. Now, turn the clock back to the whole birth
certificate/college transcripts thing – Obama refused to offer
anything in both regards except a “certificate of live birth”,
which has been questioned by many experts (both Obama supporters
and non-supporters). Don’t you think his birth certificate and
college transcripts are much more important to prove than a silly
photo of him shooting skeet?

I could spend hours writing and talking about the failure of this
administration. It will most likely do no good since the majority
of those that support him have no real interest in getting to the
truth. The simple fact is, America has absolutely no leadership
in the White House. None. Obama has been campaigning for more
than five years. He is not capable of leading so he blames and
passes the buck. I would be scared working in his administration.
I would be counting the days until the blame for something he
should have done, or could have prevented landed on my shoulders.

We need a leader in the White House, not the black hole of truth,
virtue, patriotism, and honesty we have now.


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